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    In recent years, the coal transport volume of Zhanjiang port has maintained a rapid growth trend with an annual throughput capacity of more than 40 million tons. At the same time the large coal ship can berth alongside directly for unloading or lightening. There are one 400,000 dwt general berth with water depth of -24 meters, one 250,000 dwt bulk cargo berth with water depth of -21.4 meters, one 150 ,000 dwt specialized coal berth, and several 15,000~ 70,000 dwt berths.

    Zhanjiang port is the major coal discharging and distribution center in the Southwest coastal region. More than 60% of coal goods handled at the port are imported mainly from the Southeast Asia, Australia and etc. And the domestic trade volume of coal are shipped to Zhanjiang port from Qinhuangdao, Tianjin, Huanghua, Yantai, Rizhao, Guangzhou, Fangchenggang and other Chinese sea ports. Through sea and railway inter-modal transportation and water transshipment, Zhanjiang port can provide services to those enterprises with coal consumption need in the Southwest, the South and Mid-south regions.  


    400,000 dwt bulk berth
    250,000 dwt bulk berth
    150,000 dwt bulk berth