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    400,000 dwt unloading berth

    Iron ore is one of the most important cargo handled at the port with an annual throughput of more than 30 million tons. Zhanjiang port is the largest iron ore discharging port with the most advanced loading/unloading process in the coastal regions of South China. There are 2 dedicated unloading berths of 400,000 dwt and 250,000 dwt respectively. The total storage area of iron ore stock is 2 million square meters, with one-time storage capacity of more than 15 million tons.

    Berth No.601:  400,000 dwt unloading berth            

                          Designed annual capacity: 15 million tons

                          Handling machinery : 4 ship unloaders with rated efficiency of 3,000t/h

    Berth No. 602:  70,000 dwt loading berth

                           Designed annual capacity: 5 million tons

                           Handling machinery : 1 ship loaders with rated efficiency of 4,500t/h

    Railway distribution capacity: 2 loading systems with the capacity of loading two trains (each with 60 wagons) at the same time  

    Berth No.400:  250,000 dwt unloading berth            

                          Handling machinery: 2 ship unloaders with rated efficiency of 2,250t/h

    250,000 dwt unloading berth