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    Zhanjiang port is the first oil port designed and constructed by Chinese people after the founding of P. R. China, and Zhanjiang Port Group is one of the important petrochemical port enterprises in South China. It is conveniently situated at the intersection of coastal transportation for the three petroleum magnates (Sinopec, Petrochina and CNOOC), and with three large-scale refineries ( Dongxing, Maoming and Beihai) in the rear, as well as extending services to those large or medium size petrochemical enterprises in the South and the Southwest regions. Three underground pipelines connecting with Maoming, Beihai and Lianjiang are also joined here at the port. It has become a pivotal port with four types of transportation available (railway, road, waterway and pipeline), as well as the best port for offshore crude oil handling in South China.

    Zhanjiang port has become one of the national oil transit center and a large-scale distribution center in South China. Presently, the petrochemical business is run by Zhanjiang Port Petrochemical Terminal Co., Ltd, a joint venture set up by Sinopec and Zhanjiang Port Group.

    There are 14 oil berths of different sizes (ranged from 3,000 dwt to 300,000 dwt) and functions in the port, including two berths for VLCC. The designed annual capacity is about 45 million tons in total.

    The Port offers safe and reliable logistics services with 5 million cubic meters of storage capacity for a wide range of petroleum products, among which the JV company owns 715,000 cubic meters capacity. The bonded storage capacity for crude oil is 1.04 million cubic meters and  expected to reach 239 million cubic meters in 2018.

    The JV company has high-efficient, advanced and specialized handling and storing facilities, including 155 railway operating cranes, 12-truck loading platforms and pump stations, making it possible for loading and unloading many different types of oil and chemical solvents such as crude oil, light diesel oil, petrol, fuel oil, benzene, alcohol, methyl tert-butyl ether at the same time.

    Zhanjiang port has perfect crude oil pipeline system. The three long distance transport pipelines conected with Maoming, Beihai and Lianjiang are joined together here and the oil refineries in the rear of the port are well connected. There are various loading facilities deployed at the wharf and storage areas to meet the need of distribution by trucks or trains. Furthermore, the in-port railways is conveniently connected with the national railway network via Zhanjiang-Guangzhou line, Litan-Zhanjiang line and Yuehai line.

    Equipped with automated loading and unloading, storage and transportation equipments and controlled by production information management and automation control platform, the maximum ship handling efficiency is up to 300, 000 tons per day, and the pipeline transfer turnover efficiency is up to 300 million tons per day. In addition, heating and insulation services can be provided to ensure quick transport of heavy crude oil. The information integration scheduling system makes the auxiliary operation time less than 4 hours and almost zero berth shifting rate. Exceptionally, lighterage services can also be provided at the anchorage area.

    Through the rapid railway distribution system linking with the port hinterland for gasoline, diesel, methanol, ethanol, liquid ammonia and other refined oil, chemical products, we can provide our customers with one-station service covering ship handling, storage and distribution, which can keep gasoline operation operated in quick efficiency, effectively reducing the retention fare.

    300,000 dwt oil berths