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    Guangdong Zhanjiang Port logistics Co., Ltd, owned by Zhanjiang Port Group), possesses two warehouses of 20 thousand square meters, and packing/devanning area of approximately 100 thousand square meters. The main business are as follows:

    ⅰ) bonded area supervision and processing service in the port logistics chain

    ⅱ) sea-railway combined transportation

    ⅲ) container packing/devanning, maintaining and cleaning, distribution and delivery service

    ⅳ) storage yard rental service

    ⅴ) freight agent and shipping agent services for domestic water transportation

    ⅵ) sales of chemical products, building materials, hardware tools, electrical appliances, rubber goods, general merchandise, fodder, agricultural and animal products, paraffin, pitch

    ⅶ) providing service of imports and exports including agency inspection declaration, etc.

    With the ambition of endeavoring to be the regional distribution center radiating to south-western and southern China, Zhanjiang Port Group has been committed to offering integrated service mode of third party's logistics by basing on port business while extending port industry chain.