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    General overview

    The bonded logistics center will occupy an area of 412,000 m2 in total. The phase I project occupies an area of 231,500 m2 and it is divided into four functional zones: warehouse, storage yard, inspection zone and auxiliary building zone. There are 5 warehouses with a total area of 50,000 m2, and 4 pieces of storage yard with a total area of 51,000 m2. Another 180,000 m2 of storage land has been set aside for the second phase of the project.

    Preferential policies

    Imported goods bonded warehousing, export tax rebates, simple processing and value-added services for goods in storage, international transit, long-term warehousing (2 years).

    Main business

    Import bonded warehousing services, international logistics and distribution, international transit, simple processing and value-added service, one-day bonded tour, delivering goods in batches and making centralized customs declaration, cross-border e-commerce, commodity display, etc.

    Functional service

    Third-party logistics: container loading/unloading, warehousing and logistics service, value-added service.

    Public service provider: property management in the center, gate management, trailer allocation, public information platform establishment.