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    As a pivotal city along the Belt & Road, Zhanjiang has been continuously enhancing its presence on the international stage in recent years with its favorable business environment, high-profile exhibitions, and widespread economic cooperation network.

    According to the Zhanjiang Customs, the city's foreign trade with countries along the Belt & Road route reached 9.4 billion yuan ($1.5 billion) last year, of which export volume accounted for 7.64 billion yuan. Furniture, electromechanical, steel and aquatic products are Zhanjiang's most popular exports in the international market.

    The city's booming trade owes a lot to support from local customs authorities, streamlined clearance procedures, and national customs clearance integration reform. The average clearance time was cut by more than a half in 2017.

    Zhanjiang Port operates 15 shipping lanes, linking Zhanjiang with overseas markets. [Photo by Li Bo/Zhanjiang Daily]

    Facilitated transport is another behind-the-scene factor. Zhanjiang Port now operates 15 shipping lanes, connecting Zhanjiang with Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand. This year, it plans to build more transfer stations across the world, while adding more vessels with a tighter schedule.

    International exhibitions are one of the most significant platforms for a city looking to go global. For example, the China Marine Economy Expo (CMEE) alone attracted more than 3,200 enterprises from 63 countries and regions in 2017, with 33 projects worth 77 billion yuan being confirmed.

    Forty-three overseas chambers of commerce have signed strategic cooperation agreements with Zhanjiang at CMEE, Zhanjiang-ASEAN Agriculture Trade Fair, and China International Aquatic Products Exposition last year.